Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Why do they call a nail a ten penny nail?

A ten penny nail reffers to the size of the nail.

A ten penny nail is 3 inches long.

An 8 penny 2 1/2 inches.

A 16 penny 3 1/2 inchesWhy do they call a nail a ten penny nail?
That sized nail would weigh the same as ten pennies!Why do they call a nail a ten penny nail?
all these are kinda right,, the penny system started in england and came over to the colonies,, at the time it cost a settler 10 pennies per nail to have a black smith make them,, yes they were expensive then but remember that the english penny was a small denomination coin then!!!
I asked for nails in my local hardware store and the man said ';how long do you need them';. I said well I thought I might keep them!
Personally I don't call nails anything. They never answer anyway.
Penny system ';was based on the number of nails of that size in one pound. In time this came to be mispronounced until it became ';penny';. A ten-penny nail weighed 10 pounds (pennies) per thousand nails.';
Nails are called by penny weights. So a ten penny nail would weigh 10 pennies.
The nail is as long as ten pence would be if stacked upright. Old British term.
by weight and size, most nails have different size and weight.
penny weight is the right answer.
I believe they sold them ten for a penny.
i dont know and thnx for the points
They had to name it something..

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